The Practice Room

Welcome to….. The Practice Room. I hope you find this software as useful as I do.

The Practice Room was created as a convenient way to practice & perform classical compositions that utilize Fixed Media accompaniment, or instrument & tape. The Practice Room is a visual-audio player that provides useful & creative features that minimize contact with the computer, keeping the User’s focus on practicing. The application accomplishes this task by allowing the User to store User-Defined Starting Positions as Presets for quick recall, and “Location Auto-Return” to increase productivity while practicing. Simply put: Cue; Play; Play Again.

Store up to 20 Presets plus 15 Indexes per Preset. Each preset can store: audio file, Start & Stop Positions, Repeat & Delay Time, Speed Redux, Volume, Metronome settings, and more.

Check out the really short video below!

System Requirements (aka “what I’m running”): Mac OS Monterey, 16Gb RAM, 900Mb available hard disk space for the application.


If you’d you like to download a copy for Mac OS, please send an email to inquire. Once I receive your inquiry, you will be given details for retrieving the application.

If you like the software, please consider making a donation by sending your payments via Paypal to: mike   at    mike    crain    dot   com (email format.)

Let me know if you have questions or what you think in the comments. As always, thanks for the support!


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