Percussion Solos with Electronics

Call For

Percussion Solos with


…this will be different soon or perhaps not needed. Keep them fingers crossed! If all goes well, this will be in the palm of your hands.

A resource guide of percussion solos with electronics is being compiled for distribution. Information regarding these compositions will be placed within various categories related to the use of electronics and will ultimately be published and made available on college campuses and with other music affiliations. This resource guide will prove useful to percussionists, composers, musicologists and others regarding the use of electronics with percussion from its initial development to the current day.

This extensive research project has already accumulated lots of interest and many compositions from around the world through other organizations and friends of the internet community. If you are interested in submitting a composition to be included in this resource guide, the following information is required(*):

*Composer Name/Birth Year:




*Publisher: if applicable or self-published


*Electronics Needed:

Program Notes:

Recordings/Reviews: if applicable

Website info or links to recordings

Send all information using 1 of these methods.

  1. Send email to:
  2. Use the Google Form
  3. Or, send it to the following address:
Mike Crain
c/o Percussion Project
3053 Freeport Blvd. #412
Sacramento, CA 95818

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