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A Process towards Electro-Acoustic Music

It begins with my youth and being fascinated with sound. I was about five. And my sister was a young teenager who listened to all the Top Hits on the radio or 8-Track Tape!! So, I soaked up the sounds … Continue reading

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Laptop Ensemble Debut

Have you ever heard or seen a Laptop Ensemble or even a Laptop Orchestra performance? Ok, you probably had to read that twice and do a sort of “double-take” because the words “Laptop” and “ensemble” or “orchestra” are newly paired … Continue reading

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Learning MAX/MSP

I’ve been aware and familiar with MAX/MSP for quite some time now (late 1990’s?) and I’ve never had a huge desire to learn it. However, as time has passed, I’ve realized that it’s exciting to learn what this application can … Continue reading

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