Installation #2

In the fall of 2006, I was commissioned to compose a work for an installation concept developed byAndrew Connelly. During our initial meeting at the Coffee Garden in Sacramento, Andrew expressed his ideas, and philosophies about the project and his art. He suggested a ‘feel’ for the composition and mentioned somesounds that had been on his mind, but he was interested in my thoughts on the subject as well.

I immediately went home to my studio and began working. Composing for an installation was familiar territory, but with the new challenge and addition of a multi-channel process, I embarked on a new method of composing. Using REASON from Propellerhead and LIVE, a fabulous software application from Ableton, I quickly began composing several different compositions based on Andrew’s previous descriptions. I posted these on the web as planned for Andrew to peruse while vacationing in Hawaii, but I never heard from him for several weeks after his return. It seems life had a different plan for us, but ultimately for Andrew. We proceeded still, but with a new, slightly altered perspective. We hope it comes out in the installation.

The title of the composition, Authenticating Consciousness, is derived from Andrew and in it you will hear a variety of sounds. During this looping process of composing, I used a vibraphone both struck and bowed, various percussion and electronic sounds, and breathing.

*More detailed composition/installation info coming soon

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