Empowerment Through Balance

Balance is a difficult objective to achieve. Even too many good activities, events and/or correspondence (emails, voice calls, Zoom) can be stressful. I only practice and I’m no expert. So I’m still learning to balance too.

Some days are better than others, or rather I am better. I have better focus, better outlook, a better everything…. when I am balanced. Those days happen more often when I do the “right things” in my morning rituals. Yet it’s also part of the habits from the night before. Where does one day begin and one end? Is there really a “line?” If I don’t tend to my evening duties, how can the morning rituals be exercised? If morning rituals aren’t exercised, what happens to one’s sense of empowerment for that day? It’s “gone,” isn’t it? The day gets consumed by your consumption of external forces and typically doing things that have little purpose. Everything begins with first thoughts so cultivate them carefully. Then practice daily.

Here’s a video that may help you cultivate a more wholistic version of you – physically, mentally and spiritually. I’ve been practicing these ideas long before YouTube but still I enjoy watching these. George and Master Gu show so much in these videos. As I mentioned, I’m still learning. #DailyRituals

Here’s to Year 2021 and finding balance and empowerment in your daily practice both inside & outside of music!

About mikecrain

Educator Composer Percussionist; Advocate for Humanity, Music & Art; living a Balanced Life Passionately with a Zen & Taoist approach
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