The Practice Room for Electro-Acoustic Music

So as I begin to write I can’t help feel the pressure between my last post long ago and this one here. It’s a rather heavy burden of attempting to write “consistently”, but let’s get it out of the way. Sorry. Important and glorious work has been happening and I’m excited to share.

Ok. So now I’ve been busy and here’s the reason why.

I have solved an issue in the musician’s practice room. It’s a problem that happens when a musician wants to practice electro-acoustic music or “Tape” (+ instrument) music. There are many factors really, but this post solves a crucial and daily problem. That is, if you practice everyday. 😉

Considering the description above, the musician must use some sort of music player. It could be cassette, a CD, or audio file via “insert your favorite mp3 player here.” Since those are the only tools we have at our disposal we must work with the correlating user interface. This usually means audio is represented by an arbitrary “bar” that represents your “place” in the music. You also get play/stop buttons, etc. Other than that, it’s not efficient.

Does everyone recall the scenario of finding an approximate location numerous times? Did you feel like you were attached to say, iTunes leaving your cursor in precisely the “right” spot on that little bar?

So I built The Practice Room. This new tool basically allows you to create Presets which can be recalled at a later date. So if you make 2o Presets for the current piece you’re working on (“You gotta get those difficult parts precise, yes?”), you can have the audio playback at precisely the right position every time. And while there are “hotkeys” that allow for efficient workflow, I’ve also made it possible to use an “interface” on my iPhone.

Check it out in this video. PLEASE. let me know what you think!

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Educator Composer Percussionist; Advocate for Humanity, Music & Art; living a Balanced Life Passionately with a Zen & Taoist approach
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