A Little Max

So here’s what I’ve been working on. Many of the objects in the picture are ones that I’m sure you could name. There are at least a few. The buttons that you see such as “normalize,” “Save,” “Record,” “Play,” etc are somewhat fancy buttons. You can create one using the ‘textbutton’ object.

Fig 1.

Simple Recorder

You’ll notice in the next picture that I’ve used several patcher objects (contains more objects but allows for organization.) I have “colored” these and provided a legend for you so you can see how it’s organized. Working with these “sub”-patchers means that I can find a problem quickly if needed, or to focus on one small task and isolate it from the rest of the patch.

Patch Edit Mode

If you can find the RecSelectorLights sub-patcher, that’s awesome. It’s at center bottom; it also has 6 LEDs below it with the 1st being turned “on.” The following picture is what it looks like on the inside. This sub-patcher has also been organized & includes a legend so you can see how each LED selection will automatically turn off any other LEDs. 😉

RecSelector LEDs

Let me know if this is helpful.

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