Some Highlights in 2012

I don’t write often but I’ve realized I do have lots to write about; or at least more than I previously thought. There is a lot that I like to do and I feel luck enough to have a majority of my time being devoted to music. Fortunately or unfortunately, before I find time to write, I’ve done a number of new things. And while sharing immediately is fun, I often like to “sit with my thoughts” before writing or talking about them. Needless to say, topics stack up and eventually never get written. But the ideas & thoughts never go “to waste” and I have been growing as a musician and educator.

So here’s an overview of the last few months between today and the last post approx.

In May 2012, I attended the Stanford Laptop Orchestra in San Jose. I had been wanting to attend for quite some time and glad I finally was able to do so. While you might be thinking ..”A Laptop Orchestra?!” I have to say I thought the same thing. Now I feel differently about it. I will share some thoughts hopefully before the year is up.

That event also inspired me to curate a similar idea here in Sacramento. So I programmed Zach Zubows Patchwork Pants for a quartet of laptop musicians. I think I will attempt to program at least one new laptop piece every semester for our Contemporary Ensemble. I’ll share the video that I have of the performance, too.

You can probably tell I’m fascinated with technology and music. And you would be correct. In fact one project that I’ve been working on is the Resource Guide for Solo Percussion & Electronics. After being resurrected this past year I’ve managed to find an interested publisher! Hurray! But that means the real work is just beginning. That’s okay. I’m ready. So bring it on!

But my year has also been filled in the last several months with lots of exercise. Cycling is another love indeed. I felt really strong with my riding this year. At the 2012 Waves to Wine Event in Sonoma I rode the 75/50mi route and never felt better afterwards. I truly could ride a 3rd or 4th day in a row. I was “on Fire!” Lol

There was also plenty of relaxing. No, I mean, “RELAXING.” Those times when “we” do nothing at all are very rare. As a result I was able to spend 3 days at Paradise Point in San Diego. There were daily pool visits accompanied by many drinks over the course of a day. 😉 Lots of reading was accomplished and to “top that off,” I finally had access to a TV (since I choose to not own one) in order to catch some great Olympic feats. Those athletes are so inspiring!

I won’t tell you about all the times I’ve relaxed like that. You might get the wrong impression. lol 🙂 Although, Kayaking, family “get togethers,” and friends all play a big part of the wonderful life I have.

Speaking of which, isn’t it time to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life?”

Hope your holidays are the best! Cheers.

About mikecrain

Educator Composer Percussionist; Advocate for Humanity, Music & Art; living a Balanced Life Passionately with a Zen & Taoist approach
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