Some Max/MSP Patches

Sorry for the delay in posting but I’ve been working on some really fun projects…. Like Max/MSP, an application that is basically a visual, object oriented programming language. Languages have rules. Therefor, Max/MSP being a type of programming language also has rules. However, you are programming using Objects and “we” use virtual patch chords to connect them together. Learning the language is both the fun and challenging part. 

I’ve found Max/MSP to be quite rewarding as I’ve mainly approached from the viewpoint of an educator. Essentially, I’ve taken what I’ve learned so far and tried to build software that suits my needs. For example, think of the elementary music theory exercises that you use daily: scales, chords, intervals. You can build software that will do this in Max/MSP.
Here are just some of the things that I’ve done so far and have much to learn.
I first started with time. So I built this very simple metronome. It was actually more challenging than I thought especially if you want different metric values for the click. I.E. different sounds for quarter note clicks, eighth note clicks, sixteenth note clicks, etc. The user can type in the meter markings and the tempo or simply drag up/down. The dial works, too. Here is a snapshot
There’s definitely more work to do. But so little time. Bad pun; I know. 😉
Next is a simple app called Keyboard Note Recognition. It randomly asks the User to find a given Pitch Class by pressing the SpaceBar. The user can click on the appropriate piano key and get feedback if it was correct or not. The user can also choose among naturals, sharps & flats. The software also keeps track of items attempted and correct. Here is a snapshot:
I’ve got a bunch more and they continue to get better. I’ll post more when I’ve progressed a little further. I have been working on an audio recorder application of sorts. I’ll probably discuss that next time. 😉
Leave some comments, tips or more ideas. I’d love to hear them.

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