Empowerment Through Balance

Balance is a difficult objective to achieve. Even too many good activities, events and/or correspondence (emails, voice calls, Zoom) can be stressful. I only practice and I’m no expert. So I’m still learning to balance too.

Some days are better than others, or rather I am better. I have better focus, better outlook, a better everything…. when I am balanced. Those days happen more often when I do the “right things” in my morning rituals. Yet it’s also part of the habits from the night before. Where does one day begin and one end? Is there really a “line?” If I don’t tend to my evening duties, how can the morning rituals be exercised? If morning rituals aren’t exercised, what happens to one’s sense of empowerment for that day? It’s “gone,” isn’t it? The day gets consumed by your consumption of external forces and typically doing things that have little purpose. Everything begins with first thoughts so cultivate them carefully. Then practice daily.

Here’s a video that may help you cultivate a more wholistic version of you – physically, mentally and spiritually. I’ve been practicing these ideas long before YouTube but still I enjoy watching these. George and Master Gu show so much in these videos. As I mentioned, I’m still learning. #DailyRituals

Here’s to Year 2021 and finding balance and empowerment in your daily practice both inside & outside of music!

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The Practice Room: A long journey but a much needed one with a great update

So I’ve not been here much. ha. Just noticed how long it had been since I started this fun project, The Practice Room. But the app has really come a long way and I’m glad to share it here. I’ve not seen anything that has been dedicated to the art of Instrument & Tape performances, but I’m hoping you’ll agree that this has value for those of us that enjoy playing some of this music.

What’s new? Well, it’s much simpler to use as the video may indicate. The old GUI was so cluttered it was hard to know what exactly to do. But now, it’s been simplified as much as possible for the moment. Could it be simpler? I’m not sure yet But here’s what’s new and where you might find some value in this app if you’d like to use it.

• The interface is much cleaner: fewer ‘save’ buttons and now the application will auto save Indexes in the proper location; all files are auto-saved with 1 click of the ‘Store’ button; only 1 playback button with an option to use a metronome with the audio file; fewer tools but only the ones that are needed – Selector & Zoom; separate Metronome Window, Preset Info Window and Instructions Windows to access Hot Keys, MIDI Control capabilities, & others.

• Use End Selection: this is a favorite feature of mine. Selecting a section of audio and turn on the ‘Use End Selection’ box. Audio will auto-stop at the end. There is an additional ‘Repeat’ & ‘Repeat Duration’ feature too if you want to play the selection multiple times without touching the computer.

• Capture Location: you can now capture the location during playback so it could potentially be used as a Start Position. I use it for a quick grab and make refinements.

There’s more, but I’ll let that suffice and here’s the video. Thanks for checking in!

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The Practice Room: A Quick Start Video

Welp…. I made what I think are the final updates to the Practice Room and as the title indicates, I have made a Quick Start Video. It’s about 5 minutes and demonstrates how easy it is to get the software set up so you can immediately set up some presets for your practice sessions.

Let me know what you think! All feedback is welcomed. 🙂

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