Hello & Thank you for visiting my webpage. (In Progress…)

I’m a percussionist, educator and composer living in Northern California who enjoys all things music and sound related. But that isn’t my only interest. You’ll need to hang around to find out more. ;)

Use the menus at top to view some of the installation work that I’ve done in the past, view videos and hear music, as well as find information about one of my main projects, Percussion Solos with Electronics Resource Guide. It’s an on-going project so there will be lots to come.

Or you can view my blog. I haven’t found a regular “pattern” to blogging as you can tell, but I knew the best way to learn was to just start “doing.” ;) I feel like I’m getting a “feel” for it and it’s only been several months. ha! Anyway, I will be posting information or thoughts about some of my exciting projects when it happens or as time permits. I’m excited about these new thoughts/ideas, and have a small list building so I’m really looking forward to sharing that with you in the near future.

Finally, if you just happened to stumble upon this webpage, I do have a Twitter page and use it often. It’s such a great tool for socializing & the best part is sharing – another great way to interact & continually learn. So if you have a Twitter account as well, I’d like to hear from you. Please follow me at @mikecrain.

Looking forward to interacting with you! Cheers.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Beatriz Figueroa says:

    Hello Mr. Crain,
    Im a BM student and would like to enroll in this class. Hopefully you can add me :)

    -Beatriz Figueroa

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